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  • How gitsubmodules (actually) work

    Gitsubmodules is probably one of the most confusing features git has to offer. Forget about the infamous rebases, I’m not even sure about how Gitsubmodules should be called. So, is it “Git submodules” or “Gitsubmodules”? But here are some quick answers that might help you get started with this feature. The basics When you first […]

  • Using Poetry to Manage Your Python Packages

    Python is a great language for tinkering around. It’s quick and easy to implement your ideas into code, but it’s not always easy to turn your code into sharable packages. One of the most popular package manager is pip, and it relies on the PyPI repository. If you want to share your package with an […]

  • A Checklist for When “The Website Just Doesn’t Work”

    We’ve all come across this frustrating moment, that nothing more than a simple “it doesn’t work” is provided. And you have 1 hour to fix it. Does it really not work? It might be a good idea to figure out if the claim truly holds. Can the website be accessed on your laptop? Can the […]

  • Z Function

    Dreams and Hopes You are a new computer science graduate, besides a big student loan balance, you also have the big dream of joining a famous tech company and become a software engineer. You crafted your LinkedIn profile: you connected with your uncle who runs a catering service; you debated on if you should list […]

  • A Handy Guide for HTTP Status Codes

    Hopefully this simple graph can sort you out.