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  • Things to watch out for when creating a swarm-wide network

    Relying on Docker’s network documentation we know that there are the following types of networks offered by Docker. Name Description bridge For standalone containers to talk to each other. host Only for swarm services. No isolation between host and container, and the container uses host’s network directly. overlay Allows swarm services on different nodes to […]

  • Notes on Traefik via Docker

    Here are some profound knowledge I’ve gathered so far: Using Traefik to route its own traffic is absolutely workable, you just need to: make sure Traefik itself is discoverable by Traefik, and setup certificate using tls.certresolver, and setup basic auth if insecure mode is not enabled, it seems to be required. Understand that a 404 […]

  • Why I am making this blog

    There’s absolutely one reason: I’m trying to get Traefik to work with WordPress as an arbitrary exercise to figure out how to have Traefik handle the certificates and routing. So far, it seems to be working.